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Buffie Wilson Taylor

Video Treatment

Theme/Concept: Girl's Trip 2020

A recently divorced woman gets advice from her friends about being back on the market. The two friends play as the angel and devil on her shoulders; one friend is in a committed relationship while the other is a swinger. The story starts with our main character getting on video chat with her friends venting to them her situation.


The friends develop a plan to get our main character set up on a date with the mailman, while social life is limited during the quarentine. The two go on a virtual date after the friends set up a package to be delivered to her home, a reason for the two to meet.


The 2nd date takes place at her home cooking a meal together, getting to know one another, and speak on relationships. After calling her friends on video chat to tell them about it, the swinger is disappointed the two didn't have sex yet. The other friend is happy that the two wanted to take things slow.


The 3rd date leads to them having sex, followed by the main character video chatting the two friends to tell them how the date went. Excited that their plan worked, the swinger friend calls her mail man friend who she set up to deliver the package. He reveals that he had an appointment and had a coworker cover his shift that day.


Confused about how our main character was set up on a date with the wrong man, the swinger and mailman on the phone talk their way into a date themselves as we end the story with her knocking at his door to come in.



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