Directed By

Daniel Green

Daniel Green is a creative artistic director and professional photographer.


... well, he does a lot more than that, but we'll start there.


"Most industry professionals are known by the people they work with, or projects they played a part in....I like being known by the quality of my work."

In the public's eye, Daniel Green is among the leading music video and promotional advertisement directors in Charleston SC. He has worked with several headlining independent recording artists, and various businesses in and out of the east coast. Before that, it is his creative concepts and imagery that he is known the most for.


Plus, he's pretty funny......

WOW! You read all that???!!!

Thank you, I wrote it just for you!



Studio Photography

Natural Light Photography

Photo Retouching


Video Editing

Film Directing

Hip Hop Choreography

The BEST thing is...

He's REALLY fun to work with!


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