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Jah Jr

Music Video Concept

Your treatment for each idea I have for the upcoming videoshoots.

Song: Here I Go

Before the music starts, our character walks through the hall, then it goes to several shots of empty rooms and hallways. Your name, then title of the song is drawn on the board without anyone there.  Then my name.

*We hear erie background music and movement in another room.*

We reveal Jah in one of the rooms.

We'll have you in the highlighter hoodie for this scene. itll make you pop in the dark areas.


We go back to the hallway at around 33 secs into the song.


We show our character walking around, we turn, and you're there in the hallway like a scary movie. The next performance scene is here in the hallway with green lights shining toward the background and a light on you.

at 50secs, we show you in the classroom writing at the board "Here I Go!" a million times.


Different angles, and handheld movements of Jah in front of the board with "Here I Go" a bunch of times. Then we go back and forth between that, and our character in the hallway running from Jah, and he moves through the hallways behind him. fast paced cuts back and forth..


at 1:04 we introduce the studio scene with the projector. This explains the shapes, clovers, lighting effects I want for that scene.

Look at 2minutes into this video


The second "HERE I GO!" will introduce the scooby do scene. Maybe cut the music for the Special effect showing you going in one door, and out another, while he walks into the door you walked into.

When you scream in the last adlibs, I want to show our character relaxed. You walk by on "AH!!" To scare him, and keep walking by.

Then a close up at the camera shows



Song: Aint Studdin Dat

This starts outside the building 00:-00:23

Let's go striped shirt for this scene.