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Mo Money-Trend Setter

Music Video Treatment

Your treatment for each idea I have for the upcoming videoshoot.

Concert Vip

We set up the couches and table to resemble VIP.

There will be 4 bottle girls to carry out bottles to the table with sparklers.

Another 2 models will come with the serving trays with dishes of money.
Money will be flying from the sky with a lightshow and smoke all throughout to get the laser light show to look better on camera. 

There will be a Scene where everyone in VIP will be posing with
gold umbrellas, with LED light strips glued on the inside.
The goal is to have the led lights reflect on your heads while you hold the umbrella up as it's raining money.

Breakdancers will perform tricks and stunts to flash throughout the video.

Everyone will be dressed in nice clothing. Maybe color coordinated with the VIP furniture? I'm thinking lots of blue, and Just you or the people you're with in orange to stand out. The color scheme works really well, it's popular in mainstream videos and movies.



(2) Laser lights
(x) dollars in prop money to throw in the air, fulling up the air during the video.
(1) C02 Smoke Machine
Professional grade Smoke machine
(2) Silver serving trays
(4) VIP Sparklers

(4) Money Guns


4 Friends with you in VIP

6 Models
4 Assistants with throwing money, and help on set.
1 Makeup Artist (I recommend Kira Middleton)
Hair can be come as they are.
Stylist (Will need to find one)
Behind the Scenes Filmmaker.
3 Breakdancers @$120 per dancer.

Production Schedule:

2 hours for set up.
1.5 hours to film VIP scenes.
1.5 hours to film performance scene with umbrella, and models with umbrellas.
1.5 hours with breakdancers. 
3 hours for breakdown and clean up.


LED lights.jpg
smoke machine.jpg
prop money.jpg
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