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Voices of Fashion

Commercial Video Campaign

Your treatment for each idea I have for the upcoming videoshoots.

Production Date: 03/20/2020


Theme/Concept: Real Estate Fashion

To showcase the venues for the upcoming events, my concept is to make an allude to commercial real estate videos, with creative perspectives and filmmaking techniques to improve the quality of the film. The "V" logo will be in the center throughout, with transitions through the logo between scenes. 


Here's an example of the cinematic style used in real estate videos:

Theme/Concept: Pedestrian Traffic

Using the "One Shot" filming technique, I will choreograph the models to walk in different directions and at different times to showcase the looks in an innovative way.


Here's an example of this style of directing:

Production Date: Mar. 29-Apr. 4


Theme/Concept: People Art

There are high class artists that are known for having live models stage a pose, choreograph movements around the space, and make subtle movements and gestures. We will use this style of art and apply it to film. 


Here's an example of this style of directing:

people art.jpg

Fast forward to 1:23-1:26

Production Date: June-Open




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