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Making Music Videos

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You want a music video that

Most videographers film you over here, over there, throw some YouTube effects in there, chop it up and call it a video. As a director, I create visuals that allows the audience to feel the impact of the song. By creating moments based off of the vibe, energy and lyrics of the song, I can turn the song into an experience when it comes to the music video. That's what's going to get you noticed on a higher scale, and also is one of the many things that set my music videos apart.

Music Video Rates


This package is best for artists that want to focus the video around the performance, with interesting angles and lighting that makes the video one of a kind. This usually gives us enough time for 2 locations, or one location, and a studio session.


This package is best for artists that want their video to have acting, rigged camera and lighting set ups, or creative concepts that require multiple takes for perfection, or additional time for set up. One full day gives us enough time to begin creating a visual specific to the lyrics of the song. This makes your video more memorable, and have more replay value.

Estimated # of locations: 2-4

2nd Shoot day, 2hr minimum: $400

If one day isn't quite enough and we need more time for another scene, This gives us an additional 2hrs to film another short scene at just $400.

additional hours: $100/hr.

Add ons

Behind the Scenes-@$400

This hires a videographer for 2hrs to capture us while we film the project, and create a 1-2min video recap of the shoot.

additional hrs: @$100/hr

Drone shots-$400-$1000

This hires a drone operator to capture aerial shots for the video.

Audio Upgrade-$450

This hires a sound technician to have you mic'd up to capture vocals for speaking roles. This is important when working with dialogue in acting scenes, and short films. This is also great to have a greater impact when producing talking head videos, documentaries and commercial work.

Hourly(after 1st  2hrs)-$100/hr*

Studio Rental-

Pixel Studios Charleston
$70/hr, 2hr minimum
(The studios in Charleston are limited when it comes to full body shots. For larger studio spaces, I suggest traveling to 
StudioSpaceAtlanta or SurStudios

Bulk Packages

3+ Music Videos-25% off.

This gives us a minimum of 8hrs of production time for 3, or more music videos when booked at the same time. Discounted bookings must be paid in full. Additional shoot days are 25% off.

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