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Photo Editing

Raw Photos

These are the pictures that come "straight out of the camera."  Most photographers would rather be in control of all

aspects of the photo to bring a vision to life. Think of editing as "developing" a photo like we use to with disposable cameras.

You guys remember getting your pictures developed right? Okay, just checking. Moving on.

Level 1 Editing

Ever had a photographer show you a picture on the back of the camera, and you ask him if he can "brighten it up a little bit"?

We call that Level 1 Editing here. These are the changes you make to the overall image, such as color, contrast, etc.


You know, like when you edit pictures on your phone.... ..Almost.



This is the editing done to photos you would see in magazines and ads growing up. After making the adjustments necessary for the overall image, it's time to get to the nitty gritty... Teeth whitening, eye sharpening, smoothening the skin (guys too. I know, I know), cleaning up the hair and pimples are common areas you would see retouched.  


My style of retouching is a more polished, NATURAL look. I don't like my clients looking like plastic.

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