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Train with Daniel

No need for a long paragraph trying to sell you something. Your director learned a lot on his own, and a lot in college as well. Here's the pros and cons of both.

Going to School For It

Teaches you the "term" for everything.

Critique among like minded artists.

Hands on training from a professional.

In depth understanding of why things work the way they do and their origin.

You have to learn things you may never use, in hopes of eventually learning what you came there to learn how to do.

Your professor doesn't have to be dope, just has to have the credentials to teach.

Doesn't teach you STYLE

Doesn't teach you how to promote yourself, or even find out "how much to charge". Go figure.

School doesn't teach you how to apply the knowledge, just gives you the information to hold onto.



YouTube University

Teaches you how to do a bunch of cool stuff.

You get to skip to the part where he actually starts teaching.

No tests lol

If you learn how to do something cool from a YouTube video,

chances are there are millions of people around the world using that same trick in everything they do. Stay away from trends if you're trying to stand out.

Although you learn how to do a lot of different things, the videos don't teach you why the technique works the way it does, or when and how you should use it depending on the situation.

You're going to waste A LOT of time going through videos to find the right one you can actually learn from.

Yeah the video teaches it in 3 minutes, but if you don't understand the basis of what is being taught, it WILL take you hours to learn it, and months to get it down pat. 



So what you're saying is...

Training with Daniel is better than school and YouTube? 

I don't know...


But here's what other photographers/videographers have gotten from training with him.

The textbook breakdown of what the tools and techniques are called.

How to spot when these techniques are being used improperly.

Different ways you can do the same thing to make it easier for your workflow.

The psychological strategy behind a concept or technique.

Teaches you how to find out what to charge.

Field trips for photography and film exercises.

Critiques your work to tell you what to work on, and what you do good that can become your "secret weapon."

Invitation to actual shoots where he explains while shooting, how things are done and WHY.

Work side-by-side with Daniel with a 2nd camera, and 2nd computer for you to use while training.



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