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You're getting STRONGER!

You had a very productive week last week, keep it up!!!

We took on a learning curve: story, and parallel action.

In the Break You Down Music Video, We had a 3 scene love story. You used your new parallel action skill to move back and forth between scenes, giving us character development and anticipation, to really believe the characters as we progress through the song.

I saw a lot of growth in your ability to power through projects, and tell a story in the editing room. Nice work Tristan!

New Technique: Sound Design

With the shape builder tool, You can take your shapes that are overlapping, and cut them where they overlap at. I use this when I want to take a complicated design, and simplify it into clean, movable shapes to make the logo or design more cleaner and professional.


You and Jay will team up to create a commercial using stock footage and sound effects. The 30 second commercial should illustrate the words:

Vision, Creation, and Life


DUE DATE: 04/23/2020 @8pm

Young Hipster

Keyboard Shortcuts


Answer these Questions

1. What are the 12 camera angles explained in this video?

2. What are the 3 reasons they said camera angles are important? & Why?

3. What did they say tighter shots were usually used for?

4. Submit by 04/23 @11:59pm

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